GMAT to add new section in 2012

Some of you have probably already heard about the Next Generation GMAT that will launch in June 2012. This new version, the first major update in more than 10 years, will replace one of the AWA essays with an “Integrated Reasoning” section. More details as well as a short video explaining the new section can be found here.

Basically, the new Integrated Reasoning section will ask you to form conclusions and answer questions based on the analyses of various data – charts, spreadsheets, graphs, etc. For many business school applicants who are fairly quantitative to begin with, this may not be too daunting of a new challenge.

The test makers are in the midst of developing this new section and will be piloting their questions in future GMATs. If you are one of the lucky ones who gets one of these pilot sections, don’t worry; your performance here will not figure into your official score total and your schools will not see your performance. Apparently, you may even get paid to work on the pilot section.

What does this new version of the GMAT mean for you if business school is in your plans for 2012? You can either take the GMAT now or wait for the new test. Remember, your scores are valid for 5 years so even with the new GMAT in 2012, business schools will still accept the “old” GMAT as long as it is a test that you have taken within 5 years of your application.

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